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"Finally, a cost effective solution to laser rangefinder targeting issues"

Most can agree a laser rangefinder is the most accurate, simple to use and dependable way of measuring distances on a golf course. Governments and professional surveyors depend on the technology to map the world. If it gets the job done for them, using the same technology on the golf course is as good as it gets. But, if you own a laser rangefinder would you use it more often if it were more reliable?

• Having trouble holding it steady?
• Trees, shrubbery or other background clutter confusing your rangefinder?
• Is it taking too long to acquire the target distance?
• Taking several measurements because you don't trust the first?
• All the above?

Fact:  The target is the key. Surveyors measure distance using a *cooperative target, not a non-reflective object such as a flag or flagstick. Even a low-end laser rangefinder will perform with a good reflective target. 

*A cooperative target has been enhanced to give a higher return signal to the laser rangefinder receiver.

Problem: Not all targets on golf courses are good reflectors. The most important being flags and flagsticks. Flag material, size, color and angle can cause target recognition problems for even the most expensive laser rangefinder. Amazingly, most course managers aren't even aware of the problem and how easily and inexpensively it can be resolved.

Solution: The RangePal flagstick reflector. It's large circular and highly reflective surface, toughness and smart looks add a useful tool to your course for visitors and members.

If accuracy, simplicity and dependability suit your style, join customers in AL, AR, CA, FL, GA, LA, ME, MI, OH, OK, PA, SC, VA, WV and WV enjoying the benefits of laser technology combined with RangePal reflectors.

RangePal features:
Excellent cooperative target, durable, weather resistant and easily slips on to any standard model ½ diameter flagstick.

NEW! The RangePal Flagstick Reflector for laser rangefinder users.

& Non-Cooperative Targets

Cooperative target - has been enhanced to give a higher return signal to the laser rangefinder receiver. This usually is accomplished by placing a retro-reflective device or material on the target.

Non-cooperative - generally is regarded as a diffusely reflecting object (such as a flag, flagstick, rock or tree). The term non-cooperative is used because the target has not been prepared in advance to enhance the reflected return of the transmitted beam. Who knew??

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